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Testimonials: Testimonials

“We absolutely loved working with KC Farm Doodles! Caroline was so organized and easy to communicate with. We are not local to her, and the handoff with her flight nanny was seamless. Dolly is the most well-behaved pup! We are busy city dwellers and take her to dog parks, coffeeshops, restaurants, etc on a daily basis and are always complimented on her calm and sweet temperament. She is great with other dogs and our rambunctious toddler.” - Amy from Texas

Dolly | Bernedoodle


"Winnie is a DREAM! Our perfect Bernedoodle babe is the cuddliest, sweetest, cleverest, silliest, most-attentive puppy girl we've ever met. She is the ultimate "family and kid dog" and she does so amazing with her kitty fur-sibs. We had the best experience with KC Farm Doodles - thank you so much!" - Anna from Nebraska

Winnie | Bernedoodle


“She is the best ever. She loves her family and her other fur brother. She is AMAZING with my 2 littles. Her favorite things are belly rubs and snuggles. She just had surgery (spayed) yesterday and she’s already back to her normal playful self. We can’t thank you enough for providing her to us. Rory makes our hearts so full!” - Michaela from Missouri

Aurora (Rory) | Bernedoodle


"Spike is everything we dreamed of, except the tricolor or merle that I wanted at first... But when my son chose Richard... he sure had the right pick. Now we can't imagine us with any other coat than a beautiful black color coat. He is the sweetest, smartest little puppy, he lets us know when he needs to go... (we live in an apartment and he was potty trained by only 4 months old) super sociable puppy. He is 6 months old now, and he is the most huggable dog in the park. All the little kids (adults as well) stop by and hug him... People can hardly contain themselves... Very funny! It all started thanks to you KC Farm Doodles and a simple Instagram post showing Berni and Chief.
Caroline, you and your family are a fantastic, passionate dog breeder. We can't thank you enough for your time, patience, clearing out doubts, emailing back and forth, pictures of the litter... So much excitement.
Forgot to mention, you went the extra mile to get Richard to Panama. International paperwork... No problem... We can do it, that was your answer. Forever grateful." - Adriana from Panama

Spike | Bernedoodle


“Maverick is doing great! Getting big and oh so lovey! He has a great amount of energy but is and was easily trained. He very much wants to please.  He’s a very smart dog who loves playing fetch, walks, belly rubs, and all of our kids. He’s super gentle with the kids and let’s them snuggle him. He loves being outside and running—and boy is he fast!!! We love him so much and we are so glad he’s a part of our family. Thank you!” - Ashley from Kansas

Maverick | Bernedoodle


“She is doing so good! She plays great with our other dog and loves our kids! She’s been the best addition to our family. Her personality gets better and better every day!” - Carolina from Florida

Maeve | Bernedoodle

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